Citizenship Engagement Program

This Program gathers 30 individuals from different geographic and socio-economic backgrounds in Jordan and enrolls them into this program. Upon completion of this program students write a Policy paper which is presented to Policy makers.

Phase I: (Training & Awareness) 

Under this phase the Youth will be trained on the following main subjects:

1) King Abdullah II Discussion Papers

This is the first stop of this program where youth are introduced to King Abdallah’s 7 discussion papers through a series of 7 sessions. This aims to create a discussion a youth-led discussion on the topics discussed and a view and understanding of the vision his Majesty had for Jordan and how they can work towards it.

2) Jordanian Constitution 

This is a session conducted by lawyers to inform youth of the Jordanian constitution, its history and articles.

3) Labor Law Awareness 

This is a session conducted by lawyers to inform youth of the Jordanian Labor Law its history, and articles. Role play is conducted in the form of theatre to present to the youth past court labor law cases in Jordan.

4) Human Rights Awareness 

These sessions discusses the History of Human Rights, the Universal Declaration of human rights, its mandates and how it came to be.

Phase II:

Policy paper development

Upon completion of the program training & awareness phase the youth attend several workshops on how to write a policy paper. Those workshops will conclude with one policy paper.



This policy paper is then sent and discussed with members of the Jordanian Parliament and Senate, as well the Minister of Political & Parliamentary Affairs. It is also sent to the Royal Hashemite Court.

This program has therefore creates more civically engaged youth aware of different political and legal rights of theirs and utilizes their knowledge through allowing them to develop policy papers which are shared with policymakers. Youth in this case are not just part of the change, they drive the change.

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