On Ground Initiative -  2018 - 2019  Abd Alhamid Sharaf & Rawabi Yafa Schools

Hello , we are the Students of Abd Alhamid Sharaf & Rawabi Yafa
We would like you tell you about our initiative "On Ground"

That we are doing as part of Shabbek Wa Badder Program.

A lot of us don't know what career path to take because we don't know how jobs are actually in reality. 

:We are asking you, the professionals to send us videos answering the following questions

Please video tape video segments of your day and describe it-

Do you need to study a particular major to work in this field-

Why did you choose this career path-

What challenges do you face-

Is it difficult to find a job in this career path-

How does career development look like in this field-

What do you like most about your job-

Please join us in our campaign by sending us the videos on info@waselae.com or by tagging us on social media,

Submitted videos

Medical Field


Environmental Studies  


Banking(Market Risk)

 IT Project Manager



Executive Director- Industrial Sector

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