Shabbek Wa Badder

A one academic year program designed to partner public and private schools from different geographic and socioeconomic backgrounds. In this program, students (grade 9-12) are taught how to launch social initiatives and are given a chance to launch them. Through the interactive program, students of both schools get a chance to work with other students whom they wouldn't get the chance to meet on a regular basis. They meet in each other’s schools after hours to create an initiative that solves a problem that they both face. Our aim is that this one year program yields empathetic, civically engaged youth working together under one unified Jordanian identity, striving for a better tomorrow! We aim to change the model of volunteering from one school giving the other to them both working and helping each other. 15 students from each school are required to participate so each pair has 30 students.


-Modern American School & Amman Academy Amman & Bint Odai School 

Initiative focusing on helping women start small businesses:

  1. Raising money to buy sowing machines for women, and providing them with training needed where they can open businesses where they recycle extra fabric from other tailor shops into shawls.

-The Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem School Madaba & King Abdullah School for Excellence- Madaba

Initiative focusing on health:

  1. Raising money to insure less privileged people with health insurance.

  2. Creating series of infographic videos on health awareness.

  3. Hosting experts on Facebook live to talk on health awareness.

-Abwaab Al Elm & King Abdullah School for Excellence- Irbid

Initiative focusing on promoting Jordanian products:

  1. Conducting a series of videos to promote Jordanian products.

  2. Launching studies to promote Jordanian products.



King's Academy & King Abdullah School for Excellence- Madaba

Initiative focusing on the environment:

  1. Developing & Selling 500 fabric bags(from reused clothing) to sell to in 3 municipalities(Amman, Madaba, Irbid) and individuals to use instead of plastic bags. 

  2. Developing & Selling 290 thermoses(filling water from water coolers) to sell to individuals in 3 municipalities(Amman, Madaba, Irbid) to use instead of plastic water bottles. 

  3. Developing a series of 5 short youtube videos in arabic with guidelines to the average Jordanian citizens on how to impact the environment positively. Students researched all materials and partnered with Jordan Green building council.

  4. Collecting water bottles from Landmark hotel & Dead Sea Spa Hotel that have water remaining in them and donating the water to Amman Municipality by watering their public gardens.  Students then recycled the plastic and glass bottles by donating them to a recycling company.

Amman Academy & Khalda Secondary School for girls

Initiative focusing on increasing awareness for financial literacy and insurance:

1. Developing 3 infographic videos on the topic of financial literacy.

2. Developing 2 infographic videos on insurance awareness.

3. Developing a training on financial literacy and insurance awareness with the help of Nahji and EuroArab Insurance which is given as a TOT to other students from different municipalities that will go back to the municipalities and give it to other students.   





Abd Al-Hamid Sharaf School & Rawabi Yafa School



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