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Established in June 2018, Wasel for Awareness & Education is an NGO based in Jordan that aims at its core to bridge the gap between youth of different geographical & socioeconomic backgrounds through its civic engagement programs that focus on Social, Political & Economic Development. Wasel aims to break the cycle of a volunteer giving a beneficiary, which indicates a strong and weak party. Wasel aims to create 2 strong parties working together towards a common goal.



Towards an empowered, inclusive, diverse and accepting generation of youth.



To create a cohesive community that celebrates and welcomes diversity by engaging & enabling youth politically, socially and economically towards a "WE CAN" mentality.




Empathy: We promote a culture of empathy, acceptance, and open-mindedness through interactions with all our stakeholders.  


Transparency: We highly value transparency in our decision-making process.


Learning: We are always looking for ways to improve.


Teamwork: We work to promote a culture of collaboration across all our programs.


Diversity and inclusion: We believe in promoting a culture of diversity, a culture that includes all and celebrates difference.


Number of enrollment in Wasel's Program's: 1484+

Workshops completed to date: 161+


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